04 July 2005 Dinner at Phoenix Garden Cafe for Jegathesan & Lee Hong


It was great catching up with Jegathesan and his wife, Lee Hong, over a sumptuous buffet dinner at the Phoenix Garden Cafe on 04 July 2005.  Jega and Lee Hong were in town to attend the National University of Singapore's 100th Anniversary Celebrations, as well as the International Olympic Committee Session held in Singapore to select the host for the 2012 Olympics. We had a delightful time reminiscing the good old school days, as the ACS Spirit permeated and lingered throughout the evening.

  Kenneth Tan, Victor Yong, Poh Soon, Lee Hong & Jega

Kenneth Tan, Poh Soon, Victor Yong, Allan Wong, Peter Lin & Henry Goh Ronnie Kwok, Lee Hong, Jega & Chin Tiong

Jega & Teck Long (2005)

Jega & Teck Long (1957)

Clara & Teck Long

Hamid, Chin Tiong & Kenneth Sim Jega, Victor Lee & Henry Goh
Michael Yap, Poh Soon & Jega Clara Choo, Michelle Loh & Peter Loh Boon Tan
Leslie Lau, Clara Choo & Lena Kwok Teck Long, Victor Yong & Michael Yap
Margaret Goh, Lena Kwok & Clara Choo Lee Hong, May Chan, Peter Lin & Yee Ling

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