Michael Teo, Franklin Tan & Jerry Yik



Francis Seow Tai Kong, Peter Loh Boon Tan & Percy Tan Eng Hin


Percy Tan, Leslie Lau, Oliver Hennedige & Peter Lin



Leng Chiang Leck, Tan Kim Ping & Francis Seow Tai Kong


Oliver Hennedige, Peter Lin & Victor Lee Kim Tong


The Band of Brothers
from left to right: Mike Chan, Ronnie Kwok, Leslie Lau, Oliver Hennedige, Victor Lee, George Ang and Eric Pakiry)

Leslie Lau, Oliver Hennedige, Victor Lee & Mike Chan

Eric Pakiry & George Ang

Henry Goh Kaye Khoo & Quek Chin Tiong

Peter Lin (left) helping himself, Victor Lee (seated)
sulking and Mike Chan (right) complaining


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