27 November 2008 Lunch at Roland's Restaurant

Hello, hello, hello? What's going on here?

Is someone being led astray?

(see below)

Henry Goh, Victor Lee & Chew Tiong Kheng

Tan Poh Soon, Henry Tan (standing) & Chia Khong Sien

David Han Liang Juan, Oliver Hennedige
& Michael Tan Soo Leong

Bishop Zebua (Tiong Kheng's guest), Peter Loh Boon Tan & Percy Tan Eng Hin

Allan Wong in the background just cannot
believe Ah Pek's ravenous appetite!

Michael Goh leading Percy Tan astray.
Can you believe that?

Leslie Lau, Hamid Jinnah, Peter Lin & Allan Wong (seated) with Percy Tan & Teck Long (standing)

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