26 November 2009 Lunch at Hooked on Heads (photographs courtesy of Sonny Lim & Ronnie Kwok)

"Hooked on Heads" - we all had a great meal there and many will be returning soon for more!

Left to right: Ronnie Kwok, Michael Tan, Henry Tan,
Henry Goh & Leslie Lau

Seated (left to right): Henry Tan, Henry Goh,
Leslie Lau, Percy Tan & Tommy Tan

Standing (left to right): Michael Tan, Peter Lin,
Poh Soon & Teck Long

Seated (left to right): Mike Chan, Percy Tan, Tommy Tan, Poh Soon & Robert Gay
Standing: Ronnie Kwok & Peter Lin

Eng Hua, David Han, Allan Wong & Tiong Kheng

Poh Soon (partly hidden), Peter Lin (aka 'Ah Pek'),
Teck Long (standing) & Ronnie Kwok

Kenneth Sim, Teck Long & Sonny Lim

".. and she had huge .... like this!" Percy seems to be telling his audience who appear skeptical.

Leslie Lau helping himself while the two Henrys look on.

The whole fish head all to himself!!!

Left to right: Kenneth Sim, Teck Long,  Sonny Lim,
Eng Hua, David Han, Allan Wong & Tiong Kheng

The motley lot posing after lunch (look at the stomachs!):
(Left to right): Michael Tan, Henry Tan, Leslie Lau, Henry Goh, Percy Tan, David Han, Kenneth Sim, Chew Tiong Kheng, Sonny Lim, Tan Poh Soon & Tommy Tan



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