FORUM: Memories of Old Lob

Last update15 October 2007

Choo Teck Long wrote (12 October 2007, 1735 hours):

Here are some of the characters in Old Lob's farm that will bring pleasant memories of our Primary One days:

  • Old Lob the farmer - we all know who he is

  • Percy the bad chick - immortalised by our very own Tan Eng Hin

  • Mr Dan the sheepdog

  • Master Willy the pig

  • Mr Grumps the goat

  • Mother Hen and her chicks

  • Miss Tibbs the cat

  • Mrs Cuddy the cow

  • Dobbin the horse


  • Can anyone remember whether Old Lob had a wife? If so, what was her name?

  • Does anyone have a copy of the book? I checked with Amazon and it is out of print.

  • Did a search on the Internet and someone recalled a train crash in the book. Was there one? I don't seem to remember this incident.

  • There was also an incident when Percy the bad chick fell into a dust cart. Can anyone remember this?

  • If you have other memories of Old Lob's farm characters, please share with us.

Wee Ban Bee wrote (12 October 2007, 1745 hours):

48 years is a long time ago.
Glad you brought it out. The names are quite clear but not the incidents.


Mike Chan wrote (12 October 2007, 2033 hours):

Please be informed that Percy is now known as Percy the young Chick due to his slick thick black hair all sticking together like as if Tancho had been used (not so, according to him) and without a white/grey hair anywhere. He also looks 10 years younger!


Eio Eng Hua wrote (14 October 2007, 1648 hours):

I wonder how many of you remember this interesting coincidence.

We started our primary school days with the book "Old Lob" and we ended our secondary school days with "Animal Farm", the great book by George Orwell. In it, there was this famous slogan, "four legs good, two legs bad" which I never forget because it is a reflection of life. We live in a world where there is little or no economic justice. This is true of the poorer and war torn countries.

Mike Chan wrote (14 October 2007, 1736 hours):

Yes indeed Eng Hua, Orwell was a great visionary who saw the future.....Animal Farm is everywhere in the world except for the very developed democratic nations like USA, UK, Western Europe, Aus, NZ and India.

Here in S. E. Asia, Burma is 100% AF, Malaysia maybe 80% and Singapore 70% and rising. Once the despot or a few cronies forsake democracy and become greedy for power and wealth, the spectre of AF will slowly but surely grow! ......I kid u not. See you at Taos eatery on 25 October!


Robert Gay Kheng Leng wrote (15 October 2007, 0908):

I think the AF slogan ended up being "Four legs good, two legs be—tter!".
As for Old Lob, there was an episode called "The Move" in which, I think Miss Tibs was left behind.

Allan Ng Yoon Hooi wrote (15 October 2007, 0923):

You guys have got it all wrong again. It's "Four legs good, no legs bad."
If you recall, Pork Eye (animal version of Pop Eye) said "Four legs bitches, three legs butches."

Choo Teck Long wrote (15 October 2007, 0924):

It started with "Four legs good, two legs bad!", and eventually became "Four legs good, two legs better!", after Squealer the pig started walking on his two hind legs.


Mike Chan wrote (15 October 2007, 1004 hours)

I remember Mr Earnest Lau, about the best English teacher in ACS of our time there, told us in his Form 4 (1958) class that Orwell was then directing his novel AF at communism, specifically the communist nations of Russia and China. Little did Orwell realised his vision of AF is now being played out even in capitalist countries with democracy pretensions all over the world.


Mike Chan wrote (15 October 2007, 1020 hours)

My God, Prof Gay!, You can even remember that there was an episode "The Move" in the book Old Lob in which Miss Tibs (who is she?) was left behind? That was in Primary 2 or 3 in 1948-49 just after WW2! I can't even remember we read a book called "Old Lob". If not for our beloved Percy the bad chick (now renamed Percy the young slick chick by deed-poll), I would not remember anything about this Primary 2 book!  Cu guys at Taos eatery for a 6-course lunch on 25 October for only $20.