John Wei

Form 5D (1959)
Pre-U Science B (1961)


John Wei (2006)


 We will 

Cheers to you too, John!

"He's such a nice unassuming and humble guy with nary a hush word for anyone.
Rest in peace, John - our beloved ACS 59 schoolmate."
- Mike Chan

John and the gang in Bali (Dec 2001)

The 4 Musketeers on a class excursion to Bukit Timah Hill (circa 1960). From left to right are Lee Kong Hwee, John Wei, Allan Wong & Charlie Koh.

John was not boisterous like some of us. In his own quiet way, he was often the contributory factor to our enjoyment at our regular lunches and get-togethers.

He really enjoyed driving and was our 'driver' to Akbar's holiday bungalow in Fraser's Hill where we had a great time a couple of years ago.  

I was looking forward to spending more time with him after his recent retirement but alas, he is now gone.

Farewell, John. We will meet on that beautiful shore!

- Peter Lin Teck Hsiung

John and the gang in Fraser's Hill (May' 2004)

John loved to sing, and he sang well!

He belonged to the Class
of 59's "Elderly Brothers" singing group which comprised him, Robert Gay, Percy Tan and Leslie Lau.

John was a regular at our monthly lunches ...

Rest well John.  Rest in peace.