FORUM: Where is Tay Theng Huat?

Last update:  15 August 2007


Michael Goh wrote (13 August 2007, 1654 hours):

In 1959 (Senior Cambridge) just before the mid-term holiday, the school held a Talent-time and Tay Theng Huat and I took part - he accompanied me on his guitar while I sang. The song was "I Still Belong To You" by Russ Hamilton. Surprisingly we came in first in spite of some good singers. The judges were Mr. Choo Wee Lim and Mr. Benjamin Khoo.
I was told that he migrated at an undisclosed location. I miss him.


Teck Long wrote (13 August 2007, 1701 hours):

It will be great to get in touch with Theng Huat again. Does anyone know his whereabouts?


Mike Chan wrote (13 August 2007, 1813 hours):

Lenn Wei Ling told me he is probably in Perth.


Mike Chan wrote (13 August 2007, 1829 hours):

Mike, I still remember this song you sang that day as I have an elephantine memory. It was superbly sang better than the original as Russ Hamilton has a cockney twang which gabra the words. I could not remember your guitar accompanist but now you have revealed him. I think Theng Huat has emigrated to Australia and I suppose mates like Yeoh Peng Tiong might know where he's putting up there.

You sang another song "Why Baby Why" (Pat Boone) also accompanied by someone whom I can't remember at another talent time or just end-of-term singfest. Was it also Theng Huat?


Michael Goh wrote (15 August 2007)

In the same year 1959, I took part in the Redifusion Talentime with my brother Richard on his guitar and not with Watson Tay Theng Huat. We did a Dean Martin's "My Rifle My Pony And Me".  The song "Why Baby Why" was
one the songs sang at the concert. You could have heard it from there. Thanks for kind compliments.

Mike Chan wrote (15 August 2007, 1502 hours):

No, definitely someone sang "Why Baby Why" with accompanist at the Lee Kong Chian Auditorium in 1959 or thereabouts. I thought it was you, but probably someone else.