FORUM: Yap Ah Chuan vs Tan Tock Cheow

Last update:  16 January 2006

Click here to listen to YAC's slap!

Michael Hwang wrote (16 January 2006, 1101 hours):

There was an ongoing cultural battle between Tock Cheow and myself. I was a great fan of the Perry Mason novels: Tock Cheow thought they were all crap and favoured novels by James Hadley Chase does anyone remember this, and which side did they favour then and now?  (Note: click here for new thread on this topic under Michael Hwang vs Tan Tock Cheow)


Teck Long wrote (16 January 2006, 1057 hours):

Thanks for sharing this account with us, Mike. Don't remember the incident as I don't think I was in the top class.

I am now documenting all these (and subsequent threads) on our web site. Check it out this evening.

I hope others with stories and interesting experiences of our school days would share them with us.


Mike Chan wrote (16 January 2006, 1030 hours):

Thanks for such a speedy response Bob! Have you seen the acs57 website?

Just saw your sister Aileen in the directory but without her particulars....i.e. totally empty. Maybe you could forward the website to her for her contact nos as I believe they are planning a big bash next yr being 50 yrs reunion. Ours will be in 2009 and hoping all of us are still in good health, alive and kicking.

Important question: Did you remember the incident I narrated about TTC? How about you, Teck Long?


Robert Gay wrote (16 January 2006, 0843 hours):

I remember Tock Cheow well. He, Tay Theng Huat (chess champion and Hercules of our class) and myself were always booted out by Mrs Lau at Chinese class, so the three of us used to sit out and chat until the next class started. Tock Cheow was a Javelin thrower. His hair turned white even before mine. Have also, sadly, lost touch with him.


Mike Chan wrote (16 January 2006, 0809 hours):

Talking about the fearsome YAC, I wonder how many of you in my class form 3 in 1957 (half-a-century ago), Earnest Lau's class, remembered this incident.......

We were in the top F3 class and were waiting for the next teacher and of course, as expected of 14-15 yr-olds, were pretty noisy. Suddenly YAC walked into our class and glared at us with his pock-marked big face...just his huge size and fierce demeanor, and of course, reputation, was enough to quieten us fast till u cld hear a pin drop. But he made the mistake of rebuking us loudly and insulting us that we were not fit to be in the top F3 class. Up stood Tan Tock Cheow from the back to confront YAC's insults asking why he was belittling us just for making the usual class chatter. We were all shocked at TTC's foolhardiness. YAC was also clearly taken aback at this student's daring impudence (we're talking about 1957 and not now). He muttered "How dare you?" and we were all waiting for the inevitable to happen, i.e. YAC walking to TTC and slapping him hard on the right cheek, as is his usual custom. Guess what happened? YAC took a few steps forward but then made a quick U-turn and chabotted out with his tail between his legs. We were all in euphoria and cheered and patted TTC, our hero of F3! TTC as usual blushed like a tomato. YAC never dared to step into our class after that. Imagine, TTC at age 15 dared to stand up for his belief/rights to confront a fierce authority..... He would have made an ideal Opposition politician!

Anyway, CTL, where is Tan Tock Cheow, my F3 hero? Why is his emadd not in the list above? Has anyone tried to approach him to join us? I believe he is still in S'pore with 3 grown-up daughters.

PS:  Sorry, but I have so much time to surf due to my fractured right ankle tarsals and fibula. Maybe 3-4 mths in crutches....u will hear more from me.