A Glorious Golden Anniversary to Remember!

Over a hundred Old Boys from the ACS Class of 59/61 (including ten from the USA, the UK, Europe, Australia, Brunei and Malaysia) and guests, gathered at the Holiday Inn Atrium on 17 January to celebrate the cohort’s Golden Anniversary since completing the ‘O’ level exams 50 years ago.

After almost a year of planning, the event turned out to be a tremendous success and one that many present will remember and treasure for years.

The evening was filled with nostalgia, fun and entertainment. Many present were meeting each other for the first time after 50 years; others caught up over drinks and a sumptuous dinner while a slide presentation took everyone down memory lane to remind us of the way we were.

For entertainment, the cohort’s in-house talents sang their hearts out like professionals while another gave an impromptu magic show; former teacher Mr. Wee Teow Kee was impressive with his rendition of an aria and two poems, and Singapore’s funniest man Hossan Leong (who is also an ACSian) added much colour and fun to a truly memorable evening.

The Class of 59/61 is rather unique. Besides producing a harvest of leading academics, medical specialists, legal eagles, bankers and entrepreneurs, the cohort also boasts a diplomat, an accomplished composer and the ‘fastest man in Asia’ amongst them. What is truly amazing is the inimitable ACS Spirit that binds the cohort together over the 50 years (or 60 years for some who have known each other since Primary One!). They meet monthly for lunch, keep in regular touch over drinks and karaoke sessions, take trips overseas together, and even have a web site that has done much to unite them together; few cohorts can lay claim to such camaraderie that can only stem from a great school.

Yes, we all agree that ACS is indeed a great school that we are proud to be associated with, and the Guest-of-Honour and former Principal, Mr Lee Hah Ing summed it up aptly with these words in his message, “The greatness of a school is not judged by its bricks and mortar but by the quality of the students that leave its portal. Indeed, you are all testimonies to the success of the special brand of education that only ACS can provide!

As everyone reluctantly took their leave after the enjoyable evening ended with Auld Lang Syne, pledges of ‘stay in touch’ and questions like ‘when are we going to meet again” seemed to be the parting words. God willing, the Class of 59/61 looks forward to celebrating its Emerald (55th) and Diamond (60th) Anniversaries in 2014 and 2019 respectively.

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