Message from

Mr Lee Hah Ing

Former ACS Principal

On behalf of my fellow teachers, I want to thank the ACS Class of 59 for so kindly inviting us to join you all on this very happy occasion of celebrating your 50th Class Reunion.

This is not an everyday event. It is an important milestone in each person's life. It is also an indication of the progress one has made.

As we see the many happy faces around us, we can safely conclude that you have all succeeded in achieving the goals that you have set yourselves. It gives us the greatest joy and happiness to see you all succeed in life.

For the past 50 years you have been living testimonies to the type of education that ACS provides. It was the firm foundation that had been laid by Bishop William F. Oldham since 1886 that has enabled ACS to establish an "all-rounded education programme" which caters to the mind, body and spirit.

Each of you has found your own niche and has contributed in your individual way towards the community and thus bringing honour not only to yourself but to your beloved Alma Mater as well. The greatness of a school is not judged by its bricks and mortar but by the quality of the student that leave its portal. Indeed you are all testimonies to the success of the special brand of education that only ACS can provide!.

Tonight we also commend you and your love towards your classmates. After all this is one, if not the main reason for organising this Reunion dinner, so as to meet old friends, many of whom you have not met for a long time. We are pleased to hear that a few have returned from abroad to be present here tonight.

The older we are the more likely we are to turn to our friends of yesteryears. Friendships forged in school are said to be everlasting. Tonight therefore is a golden opportunity to strengthen one's friendships as we walk down memory lane together once more.

In conclusion you will be delighted to know that since 1959 you have been our school's contribution to Singapore's crop of talent and towards Nation building. We hope you will continue to bring honour to yourself, your families, your country, and your Alma Mater! It is only through your continued efforts that ACS can remain a "Beacon of Truth and Light" in this region and around.


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