Message from

Oliver Hennedige

Chairman, Organising Committee


Time has gone by and one of the outcomes is that it has re-sculptured our looks. Some may look good during our youthful days in school and some with the passage of time have developed that mature, dignified look - notwithstanding the wrinkles, balding heads, white hair, paunches, hearing aids, bifocals etc. Whatever will be the physical appearance the spirit of ACS lives on in each of us.

Especially so in the Class of 59/61. The bonds that bring us together continue to be strong. OUr regular monthly lunches and other informal get-togethers have given us the opportunity to stay in close touch and keep the camaraderie going.

Today is a very special day as it marks the first official departure for most, from our alma mater after the O level examination 50 years ago. It was also then that many of us parted company with our beloved school to face new challenges as young adults.

As you catch up with old school mates and renew bonds of friendship this evening, I wish you all a really good and memorable evening of fellowship.

Cheers and good health to all for "The Best is Yet to Be"!

Oliver Hennedige

Organising Committee

Chairman : Oliver Hennedige
Treasurer : Leslie Lau Chye Huat
F & B : Tan Poh Soon
Entertainment : Gay Kheng Leng, Robert
  : Mike Chan
  : Kwok Chong Yong, Ronnie
Programme : Goh Kaye Khoo, Henry
Guests : Tan Soo Leong, Michael
Emcees : Lim Cheng Yin, Sonny
  : Tan Eng Hin, Percy
Communications : Choo Teck Long


6:00pm : Registration & Cocktails
6:45pm : Group Photography
7:15pm : Welcome by Percy Tam
7:20pm : ACS Anthem
7:25pm : Address by Oliver Hennedige
7:35pm : Speech by Honoured Guest
7:45pm : Grace by Tan Kim Ping
7:50pm : Commencement of dinner and an
     evening of entertainment, fun and
11:30pm : Auld Lang Syne

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