Registration & Cocktails

As the photographs below suggest, the scene at the registration desk was quite chaotic as old schoolmates greeted each other with surprises and expressions like "goodness gracious me, your waistline must have doubled since you left school", "what's happened to your hair?" and "are you a grandfather yet?" 

It was indeed a joyous occasion, especially for those who are meeting each other for the first time in 50 years after leaving school!

Oliver greeting Mr Lee Hah Ing (left) and Abbas Talib (right)who flew in from Brisbane, Australia to join the celebrations. Hamid is delighted to see Kenneth Tan! As you can see
in the background, the crowd was beginning to stream in.
Chan Chun Oi checking in with Eric Pakiry looking on.
Eric looks a little puzzled and wonder what is on his mind.
"Did I really look like that in school?"
Linda in state of shock asks Elaine!
Juliet Ang - as elegant as ever. Together again - our magician Lim Huey Kiang & Henry Tan
Chia Khong Sien in deep conversation with
Lee Kong Hwee (right)
Robert Gay (always beer in hand) & Suellen Ng (who flew in from the US) in front of the display of class memorabilia.
Haniff & Kok Lian giving Tse Kong
a helping hand to the dinner table.
The Golden Anniversary Cake.

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