Tossing for GOOD LUCK!

As the Chinese Lunar New Year was just around the corner, the dinner quite naturally commenced with the traditional Yu Sheng raw fish salad.
Everyone had a great time tossing the salad - some rambling away good luck verses for a better year ahead whilst others just had fun 'playing with their food' as if they were still in school! 

Poh Soon (third from right) giving Oliver, Hamid and Abbas
a lesson on how to toss the raw fish salad!

"We have this in Perth too, you know!",
Michael Oehlers seems to the telling the others.

Wonder what Ernest Heng, Peter Yeo, Chua Eu Jin
& Chew Kok Tong are wishing for.  Can you guess?
Mr. Lim Choon Mong helping himself since none
of his former students seems to be helping him!
Kenneth Sim & Lenn Wei Ling tossing the salad
with Mr. Liau Nyuk Hoi (right)
Go for the raw fish, guys!
Here's wishing my golf handicap improves this year! Watson Tay relating his Holland food experiences.

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