Teachers' PETS!

As the photographs below suggest, we were delighted that a number of former teachers, including our former Principal, Mr. Lee Hah Ing, made that special effort to grace the event with their presence. The celebration was also very much in their honour for the part they played in nurturing us and making a difference in our lives.  

"Thank you, Sirs!"

Mr. Lee Hah Ing Mr. Lim Choon Mong
Mr. Andrew Yuen Mr. Lee Hah Ing again with his Pre-U Arts students.
Mr. Liau Nyuk Hoi (extreme left) and
Mr. Andrew Yuen (second from right)
Former teacher, Mr. Wee Teow Kee,
entertained us with an aria and two poems.

The greatness of a school is not judged by its bricks and mortar but by the quality of the students that leave its portal. Indeed, you are all testimonies to the success of the special brand of education that only ACS can provide!

... Mr. Lee Hah Ing (former Principal)

Mr. Wee Teow Kee (second from left) and
Mr. Lim Choon Mong (extreme right)

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