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Photographs of Recent Events

11 Nov'12 (70th Birthday Bash)
27 Sep'12 (Spices Cafe)
30 Aug'12 (Kiseki Japanese)
26 Jul'12 (YMCA Metropolitan)
28  Jun'12 (Tao's)
31 May'12 (Spices Cafe)
26 Apr'12 (Oscar's, Conrad Hotel)
29 Mar'12 (Tangles, Tanglin Club)
23 Feb'12 (Kiseki Japanese)
02 Feb'12 (River Palace)
29 Dec'11 (Dozo)
24 Nov'11 (The Tanglin Club)
27 Oct'11 (Soon Heng Fish Head)
29 Sep'11 (Magma Bistro)
01 Sep'11 (Teachers' Day)
25 Aug'11 (Spices Cafe)
28 Jul'11 (The Tanglin Club)
30 Jun'11 (Vanda Cafe)
26 May'11 (The Ship)
28 Apr'11 (Kiseki Japanese)
31 Mar'11 (Sarang)
01 Mar'11 (Founder's Day Dinner)
24 Jan'11 (Cathay Restaurant)
20 Jan'11 (OBA event @ Sarang)
30 Dec'10 (10 @ Claymore)
25 Nov'10 (Kiseki Japanese)
28 Oct'10 (Spices Cafe)
30 Sep'10 (Kiseki Japanese)
01 Sep'10 (Teachers' Day) 
28 Aug'10 (Anusha's Wedding)
26 Aug'10 (Seoul Garden)
29 Jul'10 (Spices Cafe)
26 Jun'10 (The Ritz-Carlton)
27 May'10 (The Wine Company)
29 Apr'10 (Chun Kee, Katong)
25 Mar'10 (Himawari)
26 Feb'10 (Kam Boat)
23 Jan'10 (Sofra)
28 Nov'09 (Wedding Dinner)
26 Nov'09 (Hooked on Heads)
29 Oct'09 Lunch (Ah Yat Tian Xi)
24 Sep'09 Lunch (Hot Stones)
01 Sep'09: Teachers' Day Dinner
27 Aug'09 Lunch (Club Chinois)
30 Jul'09 Lunch (One Degree 15)
25 Jun'09 Lunch (Kinta Mani)
28 May'09 Lunch (Tiffany's)
30 Apr'09 Lunch (Sloane Court)
26 Mar'09 Lunch (Persimmon)
26 Feb'09 Lunch (Penang Place)
17 Jan'09: Golden Anniversary
18 Dec'08 Lunch (Tao's)
27 Nov'08 Lunch (Roland's)
30 Oct'08 Lunch (Peony-Jade)
25 Sep'08 Lunch (Tiffany's)
28 Aug'08 Lunch (Melting Pot)
31 Jul'08 Lunch (Legend's Cafe)
26 Jun'08 Lunch (SPOM)
29 May'08 Lunch (Riverview)
24 Apr'08 Lunch (Peony-Jade)

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Please note that this website is temporarily dormant as I am unable to continue maintaining it due to other commitments. Until a volunteer comes forward to take over, I have created a ShutterFly photo sharing website for our cohort and invite you all to join as members.

You will find the website very user-friendly as it is on auto-cruise mode and does not depend on just one person to maintain it. It is also very secure and only our members can view the photos and comments. Sonny and Ronnie are already sharing their photos and videos on  the website. Click here to join as a member if you have not already done so.

Teck Long
11 November 2012 27 September 2012 30 August 2012
70th Birthday Bash 30 August Lunch at Kiseki 30 August Lunch at Kiseki
Click here to view the Reflective Poses of Alan Wong
26 July 2012 28 June 2012 31 May 2012
26 July Lunch at YMCA 28 June 2012 Lunch at Tao's 31 May Lunch at Spices Cafe
26 April 2012 29 March 2012 23 February 2012
26 April 2012 Lunch at Oscar's, Conrad Hotel 29 March Lunch at Tangles, The Tanglin Club 23 February Lunch
02 February 2012 29 December 2011 24 November 2011
George Ang - Lo Hei Lunch on 02 February 2011 Dozo Lunch - 29 Dec'11 24 November 2011 Lunch
27 October'11 Lunch 29 September 2011 Teachers' Day Dinner
27 Oct 2011 Lunch at Soon Heng Fish Head Curry Restaurant Lunch at Magma German Wine Bistro  01 September 2011 - Teachers' Day
25 August'11 Lunch 28 July'11 Lunch 30 June'11 Lunch
Spices Cafe - 25 August 2011 28 July 2011 Lunch 24 Jan Lunch
26 May'11 Lunch 28 April'11 Lunch 31 March'11 Lunch
26 May 2011 Lunch at The Ship
28 April 2011 Lunch  24 Jan Lunch
Tribute to Earnest Lau Founder's Day Dinner 24 January'11 Lunch
Goodbye, Mr Chips!
Goodbye, Mr Chips! 
125 Logo 24 Jan Lunch
20 Jan'11 OBA Event 30 December'10 Lunch 25 November'10 Lunch
 ACS OBA Networking Event at Sarang 10@Claymore 25 Nov'10 Lunch
28 October'10 Lunch 30 September'10 Lunch Teachers' Day
OCtober 2010 lunch 30 Sep 2010 Lunch Teachers Day
28 August'10 Dinner 26 August'10 Lunch 29 July'10 Lunch
Wedding 26 August Lunch 29 July'10 Lunch

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