Old Photographs of young Alan Wong

Although Alan Wong schooled in Monk's Hill (1950-1952) and St Andrew's School (1953-1955) prior to joining ACS in 1956, he would like to share these photos which were taken between 1950 and 1955 with our cohort. Some of the photos may bring back sweet memories of days of yore.
Allan at Changi Beach Senior Government Bungalow - 1950
Alan at Changi Beach in 1950.  Can you guess who the guy in the rubber float is?
Clue: He was also from St Andrew's before joining ACS.
Pupils of Goh Soon Thio in 1952
Pupils of the famed violinist Goh Soon Thio in 1952. Allan is fourth from right in the front row. On his right is Jimmy Beng (ACS Class of 61) and on his left is Lee Pan Hong, the child prodigy of Goh Soon Thio.  I reckon that the guy second from right in the front row (next to Lee Pan Hong) is Errol Pang (ACS Class of 60) and the third person from the right standing in the second row is Lee Boon Siong (ACS Class of 56).
Allan Wong (1955)
Above:  Alan Wong (1955)
Right:  Alan at Sepoy Flats in 1955
Allan Wong (1955) - at Sepoy Flats
As a young lad, Alan lived in Sepoy Flats on the grounds of Singapore General Hospital where his father was an eye specialist.  Medical students in our cohort will remember Sepoy Flats which was near the Medical Faculty.
Back View of Sepoy Flats (1954)
The back view of Sepoy Flats (photo taken in 1954)
View of the Medical Faculty from the side of Sepoy Flats (1954)
The view of the Medical Faculty from the side of Sepoy Flats (photo taken in 1954)

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